Sample Edit:  One sample edit per author.


Submit the first 3-4 pages of your work and I will return a sample edit, which will give you an idea of the elements I normally look for when copyediting a manuscript.


First Thirty Pages$120.00 (up to 7,500 words)


Great for writing contests which require a first chapter or agents/editors who request a partial manuscript. Submit your first thirty pages, double-spaced, in an industry-acceptable 12 point font with one-inch margins all around the page.  I will return an edit with the same Copyediting/Line Editing review I do for full manuscripts.


First Fifty Pages:  $200.00 (up to 12,500 words)


For writers unable to afford a full edit, this can be a useful tool to help you learn what to look for in your own self-editing.  This is also helpful for those who are undecided whether to commit to a full edit.  





Copyedit/Line Edit: $1.6 cents/word


This includes a review of the items listed in the Copyediting/Line Editing section. [insert link]  I will also provide a copy of the manuscript’s Style Sheet, a great tool for maintaining manuscript consistency.  This document contains items such as location and character names, made-up words, odd spellings, abbreviations, pertinent info on characters—the essential data you need to make sure your character’s best friend doesn’t morph from a Janet to a Janeen over the course of 400 pages.



Proofreading:  1 cent per word


This includes a review of the items listed in the Proofreading section. 


Please note:  I am not doing developmental edits or manuscript critiques at this time.